By day—and some nights and weekends—I work as a business manager for several small businesses in creative industries. The rest of the time—I act, write, and plan adventures around the globe.


Creative administrative for creative businesses:

As a small business specialist, I’ve spent the past 10 years facilitating the work of creative [solo] entrepreneurs in industries ranging from publishing to dance, film, interior design, and non-profits. I’m one-stop shop for everything administrative–from big picture strategy to reconciling your books.

I’m passionate about aiding entrepreneurs in getting out of the day-to-day details and into the WORK, while making the leap from doing it all alone to growing businesses into an empire. (Or whatever they would like it to be.) I <3 spreadsheets, beautiful design, research, organizing logistics, and making people happy–so they don’t have to. I believe in organization, ease, collaboration, and growth.

Among other things, my work has seen me tracking down ginormous disco balls for rent, fact-checking dozens of obscure news items from 1824, test-driving a custom multi-company CMS, project managing the renovation of a 10,000 square foot villa in the Caribbean, writing award-winning grant applications, and providing the kind of top notch customer service that turns disgruntled customers into lifelong supporters.

Although in denial about being bitten by the showbiz bug, I’ve been performing for as long as I can remember—from organizing a reluctant third grade theater group, to directing a fifth grade production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream, to insisting on auditioning for high school productions I knew I couldn’t commit to given the demanding schedule of my first love (ballet). I even argue that running the front of the house, as I did throughout college, is a performance.

Shortly thereafter, I finally gave in to my love of acting, and have since participated in web series, workshop performances, and most recently, starred in an award-winning short film that was a crash course in shooting with children, food, voiceovers, practical effects and freezing temperatures. Otherwise known as the best weekend of my life.




keriannkohler [at] gmail [dot] com